Why Survival Is Key

When shit hits the fan, things are going to become tough. We’re talking the true test of humanity here… not your little walk outside and shake your neighbors hand.

If you want to see just how humanity will act when the world truly goes into emergency state, take a look at any major natural disaster. Here’s a couple things we can know for a fact will happen:

  • people will panic
  • people will fight
  • people will steal
  • people will run out of key supplies

As you can see, thing’s won’t be looking good. But don’t worry, you can beat all of this. Create some kind of setup that will allow you to survive and look for more supplies. Typically a bug out bag or bug in bag depending on what your goal is.

A couple important things to have in your bug out bag:

  • survival food rations
  • first aid kit
  • extra clothing
  • water
  • entertainment cards



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